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I Was On The 1 Train

He got on the train with his son
Fixed his hair & his pockets
He told him to have a seat
After a few more stops...we can go eat.

A lady held her baby.
Sat him on her lap
He yelled & screamed
Could tell from the scene that she was irritated
Gave him her phone so he could play with it.

Hustlers selling candies & doing flips for tips
But only three gave some change
Sometimes people could be so weak...
I mean cheap.

Support the artist.
The starving artist. 

I didn't have a dollar to spare. brotha,
Keep on. 
You're almost there!

A couple fights
She hits him, gets up, & leave.
He just set there as if he was some kind of King
His Queen...left in tears & he sat there as if his last dollar depended on his seat.

A mother is lonely
Worked all day
You could see it on her face
All she wants to do is get home, but then...
There's a delay. 

Some lady on a mic yells out, "The 1 train is switching to the F train."

The sighs of the people. 

Homeless man falling asleep 
Trying to make room
Taking up two seats with his bags, blankets, but no food to eat. 

The air condition breaks
Sweat starts to form over my face
Feeling light headed because there's no space
All I could do was wait...

That's the thing about the 1 

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