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Black Curves. Get You Some !!

I'm so happy that curves are back in style, but then again...when I think about it...when did they ever really leave?

I took these photos because I wanted to celebrate my curves. I wanted to wear a nice soft fitted black short dress. I wanted to embrace my hips & thighs because those are some of the features that women of color were blessed with. If you watch the fashion shows & read all of the Vogue rarely see curvy women of color. So this shoot made me smile because I have no desires to be anything under a size 6.

& that's real!

Can you believe that I bought this dress for ONLY $8 ?


Of course...non other than H&M

I have found a brand new appreciation for H&M. I remember hearing my aunts talk about shopping at this store when I was in high school & because of that, I thought it was a store for older people lol. 

However, this summer...I found myself shopping there more than I usually do. H&M has so many fashion options from dresses to sweats with affordable prices. I'm not the type of shopper that is hung up on prices, but hey...if you can find you a nice cute black dress for less than $10, then I say go with it. 

 Photo By. Vantee

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